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Musical Jazz Weekend in The Bahamas

Special Guests & Performers 2015



Myra MaudMyra Maud’s intriguing personality and captivating artistry are as diverse as her origins. With roots in Madagascar and Martinique and being born in Paris, she’s a real citizen of the world.

Myra’s unique musique style has been influenced by jazz as well as traditional creole and latin music. In addition to the abundant musicality in her home, Myra received in her early years, dance training and studied piano and saxophone at the conservatory in Paris. Singing has always been a part of her life whether at home or in the gospel choir of her Church.

In the late 90’s, after performing for several shows in Disneyland Paris, she traveled the world as a soloist with the Claude Bolling Jazz Big Band and sang for the Orchestre National Symphonique de France.
Throughout the years Myra has shared stages with supertars such as Mireille Matthieu, Johnny Hallyday, Céline Dion or Enrique Iglesias and performed for Quincy Jones in Davos with her own choir the Gospel Sans Frontières.

She starred as the great Josephine Baker in the French movie « Ballade De Printemps » with Michel Serrrault and left Paris for Hamburg where she played one of the main role : « Nala », in the Lion King Broadway Musical : Der König Der Löwen, in Germany.

Furthermore Myra has been giving gospel workshops all over the world and is regularly investing her time in charity work.

In 2008, German Popstar Jan Delay recruited Myra as one of the Delaydies.

In 2010 Myra received a platinum record for the album Afri-Frans in South Africa, where she’s been touring for the last 3 years.

Since Myra’s breathtaking performance for the opening celebration of the Women’s Soccer World Cup 2011 in Frankfurt, her international popularity has grown tremendously.

She’s currently writing, composing and co-producing her new album together with her wonderful music Partner Lutz Krajenski supported by some of Germany’s finest musicians.


Johnny Schütten

Johnny SchuttenFrank “Johnny” Schütten studied classical piano, composing and Orchestra conducting at the Music Academy in Vienna, Austria. After his studies and engagements in classical music, he studied in New York to broaden his knowledge and experience in jazz-piano.

He performs solo or in different formations in Festivals throughout Europe, and for the last 17 Years has organized with fellow musicians the annual “Shake The Lake” Festival in Austria, which has become one of the biggest Piano-Jazz Festivals in Europe. Furthermore, he launched a classical/jazz festival, “Autumn Leaves”, that also takes place in Austria and features well known artists from all over the world.

Besides being devoted to various piano styles from the Jazz era, Johnny also composes and has written in various instrumental arrangements between orchestra setting and solo piano, as well as appearing on stage with classical chamber music formations.

His newest recording (“Fingers Unlimited”) is a vinyl record with Christoph “Stoffi” Steinbach, where they perform their own arrangements of Jazz Standards from the last century on two Grand Pianos.

For this year’s festival, Johnny has invited his good friend and colleague Christoph Steinbach (see his profile below) to be part of the line up. Johnny and ‘Stoffi’ regularly play together at festivals around Europe, often in a double piano performance. Click on the below link for an amazing performance by the two of them playing together !



Walle Larsson

After catapulting to smooth jazz stardom in the United States with two Top-20 Billboard chart singles and two #1 New York Music Chart singles from his CD, After the Night, Canadian saxophonist Walle Larsson is looking to build on his success with the release of his sixth new CD, One Step Closer which is his fifth CD release.

Known for an incredible ethic – Walle is intensely devoted to his craft – and a creative imagination second to none, Larsson has been wowing audiences from New York to Montreal, Toronto to Tokyo with sizzling jazz solos and sultry smooth jazz . At his best live – Larsson’s improvisational skills are second-to-none. In recent past, Larsson has had the opportunity to perform with Dave Koz, Jeff Lorber, Brian Simpson, Nick Collione and Four80East. After returning in September from performing on the Dave Koz Friends at Sea Alaskan cruise Larssson has co produced a CD for Canadian vocalist Mae Losa in Los Angeles. The project was recorded at a variety of studios including Capitol and East West recording studios. When at home Larsson is active in the music ministry of Calvary Temple located in Winnipeg Canada.

It all started innocently enough when already an accomplished flautist at age 18, Walle Larsson was working as a waiter at Alberta’s Chateau Lake Louise in Canada’s scenic rocky mountains. Then, it happened: the trumpet player in the resort’s in-house band had a skiing accident. His lip badly split, he couldn’t play. A replacement was needed immediately; young Larsson and his magical flute were called into action.

As the saying goes, the rest is history. Since that fateful day, Larsson – who now makes the saxophone his instrument of choice – has never been out of work, and little wonder why.

Always an ambassador for contemporary jazz, Walle has hosted radio shows on Canadian FM radio stations for ten years, at the same time performing regularly at a variety of venues.

His dedication to being the best he can be remains undiminished. Like a fine wine, Larsson is simply getting better, where his hard work, supreme dexterity and creativity will no doubt keep him at the top of his game for years to come.



Daniel RoyDaniel Roy


Drummer, multi instrumentalist and singer songwriter, Daniel Roy is one of Winnipeg, Canada’s highly recognised musicians. After studies in Montreal, Toronto and New York, he has recorded and toured worldwide with the likes of Nathan, Madrigaïa, Johhny Cajun, Steve Bell, Oh My Darling, Sierra Noble, The Ministers of Cool, Ego Spank, Walle Larsson and countless others.

His skill and versatility allow him to work across all genres of music and have made him the first choice for many producers and artists alike.

As a singer-songwriter, Daniel has released two award winning albums : “Le

Nombril du monde” (2009) and “Hyperbole”(2011) for which he toured across Canada and francophone Europe. Over the last decade, he has also been sought after for his skills as a bandleader, educator, producer and stage music director.

Julian BradfordJulian Bradford


At home on Electric Bass, Upright Bass and Cello, Julian has performed and recorded with a range of artists from home town electro funk fusion band Moses Mayes to pop songstress Chantal Kreviazuk, to smooth jazz legend Kenny G. He maintains a busy schedule performing, recording and touring with various artists. He currently performs as a member of the Walle Larsson Band.


Jordan JackiewJordan Jackiew

Owns and runs a company called Resosound Productions. The company specialises in music production, mixing and mastering. Working with a variety of artists to achieve their goals, Jordan has mixed and mastered two top twenty Billboard hits for Walle Larsson.

As a classically trained musician, Jackview is in demand on the live scene as well as in the studio. A long time member of Larsson’s band, Jackview also wears the hat of the musical director.

Steve Oliver (1)Steve Oliver

Guitarist + Vocalist

Steve Oliver blew a passionate Global Kiss to fans everywhere on his 2010 album release, scoring two number 1 hits (Global Kiss and Fun In The Sun) on the Billboard chart, further defining his unique role as a musical World Citizen. On his latest collection, the dynamic guitarist and vocalist keeps the universal spirit alive. On World Citizen, Oliver creates an amazing array of sounds with his guitar, guitar synth and voice (singing three lead vocals and many wordless passages), and introduces his skills on the violin on Fiesta.

No Oliver recording would be complete without a batch of high energy tunes showcasing his infectious, husky lead vocals, which he delivers on World Citizen via How Will You Know (an incisive powerful song which questions ‘know it all types’ who speak of things they have never experienced themselves). The empowering soul-jazz anthem New Possibilities (featuring optimistic lyrics co-written by Oliver and Grammy winning singer/songwriter Jim Peterik, of Ides of March and Survivor fame).

“I came up with the title World Citizen while I was recording Global Kiss and felt that the concept would lend itself to an expansive musical landscape and where I could really explore a lot of exciting and fertile territory as a composer”

Steve has scored numerous airplay hits and nominations for Best New Artist and Best Guitar Player, both in the US and Canada.



Born in Kitzbühel, Austria Stoffi’s fingers at the tender age of six fell in love with the piano and it has been his passion ever since.

For 11 years he continued to train with constant lessons as well as lessons in various other instruments over the years including the contrabass and drums. He continued his studies at the Innsbruck Conservatorium.

At 18 years old, Stoffi quite the music school he was attending in order to fully concentrate on his passion the Blues, Boogie Woogie and Swing. His new teachers were the vinyls and cassettes of old boogie and blues legends. Endless hearings of the tapes and copying of their music styles was what taught Stoffi his style.

After his commercial apprenticeship (15 to 18 years) and the army service, Stoffi decided to work only half-day to cruise through various parts of Germany and Austria, in the hope to play on a main stage one day. Throughout these years he worked as an instrument worker (Mürnseer) in Kitzbühel. After three years he finally wrote enough gigs to raise some money for a future career. Finally at the turn of the Millennium he decided to make the Boogie Blues playing and singing his regular occupation.

After hours on the phone, days- or rather years of practice and endless gigs, he started his first small tours through Europe


Watch YOUTUBE Video 1 , click here >>>>>>  or Video 2 click here >>>>>>>


Bahamian Musicians

VICE VERSA with Clinton Crawford and Naomi Taylor

Clinton Crawford – Piano (band leader

Ralph Munnings – saxophone

Valentino Richardson – Alto Sax

Dion Turnquest – Tenor Sax

Lamont Gibson – Trumpet

Kevin Dean – Drums

Rodney Simpson – Guitar

Naomi Taylor – vocals

CLINTON CRAWFORD, Band Leader; Keyboard/Piano; Vocals

©Marc Coeffic

Clinton was born in Belize, Central America and was recognized at the early age of 17 as a singer and keyboard player, later adding songwriting, producer and arranger to his talents.

Clinton is Band Leader for Vice Versa with Naomi Taylor and also plays with various local bands in Nassau including Jazz Etc.  and the Kim Welcome Band.

READ MORE about Clinton Crawford, click here >>>>

LISTEN to Clinton Crawford, YouTube >>>>

Careless Whisper, YouTube >>>>

Naomi Taylor Vocals

Naomi Taylor



RALPH MUNNINGS, Alto SaxOne of few elite Bahamian artists who has risen from unassuming woodwind artist to becoming a leader in the R&B and Jazz communities, Ralph Munnings is held in high regard both at home and abroad.

His interests in and earliest exposure to Jazz started in the late 50’s and early 60’s. It was around this time that he began to collect and listen to Jazz records which opened up a whole new world of music for him. Ralph’s interest in Jazz began to grow even more when he became aware of just how important this music was as a part of his heritage.  Ralph’s musical career and education have been a combination of big band, rhythm and blues, and Jazz.

READ MORE about Ralph Munnings, click here >>>>

LISTEN to Ralph Munnins, YouTube >>>>

Kevin Dean, Drums / Lamont “Shorts” Gibson, Trumpet / Dion Turnquest, Tenor Sax / Osano Neely, Young Vocalist

Kevin Dean, Drums / Lamont “Shorts” Gibson, Trumpet / Dion Turnquest, Tenor Sax

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