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The Haynes Library

The Haynes Library Eleuthera The Bahamas

A library is crucial to all residents for educational, recreational and cultural purposes. Integration into the wider world is a right and a privilege and essential for the development of any society, especially an island community.

The Haynes Library brings people together, providing a haven of equality, the young together with old, mixes experience, breaks down barriers and provides opportunities for developing new skills for young and old alike.

Vision and Values

The values integral to to The Haynes Library indicate its responsibility to the wider community and are inherent in the act of reading itself.

Haynes Library, Eleuthera

● The Haynes Library is located in a charming, well maintained historical building dating from 1897, renovated and re-opened in September 1996.

● Haynes Library was recognized by the Bahamian Government in Parliament as a template for how libraries should be operated throughout the Bahamas.

● The library is a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and follows closely the IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto.

● The library is supported by an extremely active, enthusiastic and diverse volunteer base, including many Bahamians, winter residents and local high school volunteers.

● The library is open six full days per week, year round; employing three well trained full time staff members.

● Haynes Library offers a multitude of free services and outreach programs to the community, especially for children in such areas as homework assistance, arts and crafts and computer proficiency.

● Services include free Internet access for children and unemployed/job seekers, various reading/literacy programs, Book Club, Lecture Series, adult art classes, a variety of seminars, community gatherings, summer programs, etc.

● Over 11,000 volumes are housed on two floors, including an annex with the children’s collection. The collection is assessed and replenished annually, with approximately 1,000 new books added each year. There are ten computers, high speed Internet access (including Wi-Fi), and printer availability.

● 13,526 people came through the doors in 2011 (7,622 adults and 5,904 children)

● Over the last four years, 2007 to 2011, overall visitor numbers have increased, book loans to children have more than doubled and overall computer use has increased with twice the number of children using the computers. The Haynes Library provides the above services to the community with an annual operating budget of approximately $125,000. The majority of these funds are raised through ad hoc donations.

The Haynes Library

Community Impact and Benefit

The Haynes Library supports creative thinking and problem solving through the many programs it offers to children and adults alike. Many of the programs referenced in the introduction are in danger of becoming financially unsustainable.

The island of Eleuthera, including Spanish Wells and Harbour Island, comprises approximately 8,000 residents, sparsely spread throughout the hundred mile long island.

The geography of the island is such that access to Haynes Library is not a possibility for many children. Satellite libraries would provide an invaluable solution to extending library services to residents. Satellite libraries would also foster strong links between students and librarians throughout the island, facilitating access to the educational possibilities provided through library services.

Haynes Library

Existing Programs

> Assistance with homework and school projects.

> Book Buddies Story Hour: an older child reads to a younger child.

> Free internet and printing for unemployed job seekers.

> Summer program for children: Bahamian arts and crafts, cooking and culture as well as field trips.

> Programs for special needs children.

> Adult literacy.

> Lectures and seminars (free to the community).

> Book Club.

> Community coffee morning.

> Engagement with communities to identify specific needs and requirements.

Haynes Library Educational Classes

Goals and Objectives for the Future

> Expand the existing collection of Bahamian resource books.

> Expand the children’s programs and special needs children’s programs.

> Create additional space by building a larger annex for the children’s library.

> Add computers for the children’s library with appropriate programs and internet access.

> Develop outreach programs to identify those who are not presently making use of the library.

> Engage with communities to identify their specific needs and requirements.

> Facilitate development and upgrades of 2 satellite libraries/year in Eleuthera to form a Consortium of Eleuthera Libraries (See Appendix B).

> Provide common environments, physical and virtual, where readers, local authors, information and technologies are brought together in relationships that could not otherwise take place.

> Provide a literacy program for grades one to three.

> Provide computer literacy program for both children and adults.

> A designated area for a Bahamas Reference Section.

> A designated area for Genealogy, History and Research.

> A designated Study Area for Teens, High School, Primary and Pre-School age children.

> A Conference area dedicated to the Lecture Series, Community Meetings, etc.

> A selection of books for the sight impaired.

> Implement planned repairs to the Library.

Promote staff excellence through formal and informal educational opportunities to improve and develop skills.



The library maintains a comprehensive website at http://www.hayneslibrary.org



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    February 7, 2014

    Hi please add me to you email list thanks looking forward to coming home!! xox bj

  2. Lynn Brown
    January 8, 2019

    When is the community coffee morning?It seems like a good way to connect!

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