Eleuthera All That Jazz

Musical Jazz Weekend in The Bahamas

Things To Do

On Eleuthera you will find miles of magnificent pink beaches, sheltered coves, dramatic cliffs and incredible blue-green water. You can swim, snorkel, surf and enjoy some of the finest diving anywhere, with exceptional dive facilities and unusual wrecks; admire and feed the fish or take a dip in the inland “Ocean Hole,” over 100 fathoms deep.

It is a nature lover’s paradise offering adventures from cliffs to caves and fascinating historical and natural sites to explore. While it is known for offering the finest of International cuisine, the sensory highlight of your visit will be tasting the sweet and uniquely delicious Bahamian pineapples grown in Gregory Town.

Things to do


Attractions on the mainland include the world-renowned Ocean Hole, supposedly explored by Jacques Cousteau, cliffs and rock formations, the Glass Window Bridge, and caves – some of the more notable are Preacher’s Cave, Hatchet Bay Cave and Boiling Hole Cave. Harbour Island is famous for The Lone Tree, which “planted” itself after a hurricane.

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Everyone’s list of the world’s top 10 beaches includes Harbour Island’s famed Pink Sands Beach. Few know that pink sand also spreads over 35 miles on the Atlantic Ocean side of Eleuthera Island as well as the Exuma Sound (Caribbean Sea) side. And, the island is blessed with several other blushing beaches, most notably French Leave Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Surfer’s Beach and Winding Bay Beach.

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Boating & Sailing

An easy run across the Eleuthera banks from Nassau, Eleuthera’s 100-plus miles of coastline offer sailing and boating enthusiasts one panoramic view after another. There are secluded coves, dramatic cliffs, numerous beaches and more than a few reefs to carefully explore. And, once you arrive, the marinas here make the ideal hub for a world-class, luxurious getaway.

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The Bahamas


You can take adventure tours, historical tours and cultural tours in scenic towns on the Eleuthera coasts and in Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. A unique and educational experience on Eleuthera introduces the variety of native plants used locally for medicinal purposes. Tour companies, local historians, and taxi drivers will provide guided tours upon request.

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All fishing sites in Eleuthera/Harbour Island are natural ecosystems that not only offer great bonefishing opportunities but are also known for their other attributes. Bottom fishing, an easy break from the demands of bonefishing, is ideal in the mangrove thickets and unique small bays throughout the area.

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Birding tours are offered in South Eleuthera only, but you are likely to see a variety of migratory birds throughout the islands: Kirkland’s warbler, white-cheeked pintail, zenaida dove, great lizard cuckoo, Bahama woodstar, La Sagra’s flycatcher, Bahama mockingbird, thick-billed vireo, bananaquit, stripe-headed tanager, black-faced grassquit, and the Greater Antillean bullfinch.

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The hub of live entertainment here is usually the hotels and resorts during the winter season. But, a variety of local entertainers also provide dance music at popular locations throughout the islands on weekends. You can soak up some local flavor at hangouts like Elvina’s, the Fish Fry at Anchor Bay in Governor’s Harbour, and at homecoming festivals held in different towns on holiday weekends.

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Family Fun

Eleuthera/Harbour Island offers  a variety of family-friendly aqua-ventures including picnicking on secluded, expansive beaches, swimming in shallow, balmy waters, drift snorkeling, tubing and camping safaris to rustic surfing lodges with surf lessons.

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Gift shops are located in most towns throughout the islands and you will find a variety of resort-wear items and souvenirs. On Eleuthera, there is also a craft center at Princess Cays in Bannerman Town, and there is a straw market on Harbour Island. Craft fairs offering authentic locally-made items are held on several occasions during the year.

One gift shop that is a must visit is the Island Made Gift Shop in Gregory Town. We promise you will not be disappointed. Full of wonderful local crafts and brilliant gifts for friends and family.


Shops & Boutiques

Spa & Wellness

There are small spa operation here, and mobile services are provided by a number of certified massage therapists, who are available for calls to your hotel or villa. They specialize in body scrubs, deep-tissue, sports and Swedish massages, Reflexology and Shiatsu. You’re certain to feel rejuvenated simply by being in the tropical environment, but they will top off your experience.

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